Saturday, 24 September 2011

The view from my window .....

Yesterday I had the luxury of a couple of hours to myself so it was off to the sewing room ..... really our 2nd bedroom now vacated by grown up offspring .... why is it though that now I only have one at home, and in theory two empty rooms, I still don't seem to have much space????

With good old Ken Bruce playing in the background (I do like to shout out the answers to the pop quiz but would freeze if I was on air) I looked up and out of the window and this is what I see.


Across the roof of our extension into our neighbour's garden with the council houses in the background.  This is the estate where I grew up and my parents still live.  I would love to move at some point as I have always said I don't want to end my days looking at these houses!

The adventure playground cum Tom &  Barbara Good's patch .......  we have the luxury of a very long garden so the chooks are down in the bottom left and to their left is our fruit and veg patch.

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