Friday, 9 September 2011

Letchworth Garden City

I had a couple of errands to run over in Letchworth today so thought I would share this little Hertfordshire gem with you.  If I could afford it I would move there tomorrow so here's hoping I get a slice of the Euromillions tonight.

For a history of the world's first garden city have a look here .  It's a shame that there isn't an Ebenezer Howard type figure these days ..... what would he make of the overcrowding in modern cities and towns?

The Old Town Hall

 The lovely art deco Broadway Cinema

 part pedestrianised town centre shopping area

 what a claim to fame !

 The Spirella Building .... history here

 Shopping in the refurbished 1920s Arcade

There really is a good mix of small independent shops, a few of the smaller chains, charity shops, eateries and even Poundland.  The roads are wide with lovely tree lined avenues and the pace of life seems a tad slower to most other towns of a similar size ... my kinda town x


  1. Very lovely post. Maybe I should pay it a little visit soon.

    Madison xxx

  2. Gawd, spirella! My aunt was a spirella 'corsetierre' back in the dark ages :O)


  3. I had reason to visit the art gallery in the town centre earlier this year and realized what a lovely centre I had been missing.

  4. Oh you've reminded me how nice Letchworth is. Haven't been for an age since my job finished nearby. It looks very smart now. I also love Welwyn Garden City where I used to work. You're right wider roads and quieter life. Hope you are keeping well. Lolo xx