Saturday, 24 September 2011

Oh what a beautiful morning .......

Saturday morning and I'm up with the larks ..... or rather dogs, cats and chooks!

After a quick coffee I took Molly and Ruby over the fields for a run ..... I love autumn mornings like these with brilliant sunshine and a slight haze in the distance.

There was a really heavy dew and Ruby was soon dripping wet

Then home for a bit of chook house clearance .... I let our first five ladies have free run of the garden while I was mucking out because they have a tendency to get under my feet!

The new girls like to have a bit of space to themselves with these bossy greedy five out of the way.

The Black Orpington .... she is huge and the colours in her feathers are like petrol blue when the sun shines on them

The Silver Cochin (roughly the size of a pigeon) and the Polish Crested

 The Buff Pekin with the Silver Pekin behind her ... the Black Pekin is a bit camera shy and was hiding in the bushes  .... I love these chooks with their feather slippers

These are the bossy crew

...... who are at the moment foraging around making a right flipping mess but getting rid of some unwelcome bugs at the same time so I will forgive them.


  1. Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

  2. Wow i like your pictures which you have shared here.Well i am nature lover and i like natural things,animals and all.Glad to see your Article.Keep it up.

  3. Those all pictures are looking amazing. I really like this photography. You captured very good photos of natural atmosphere which is very nice.