Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Life's little passions .....

Toy china is one of my little passions or obsessions depending on what way you look at it!

I first blogged about these here


This sepia & white tea service dates to around 1860 and is called Girl With Goat by Cork, Edge & Malkin of Staffordshire ... I am lucky to have the full service of teapot, sucrier, slop bowl (quite often mistaken for a sugar bowl), milk jug, six cups and six saucers. 


Dating to the 1860s again this is a part service as I don't have the tea pot or milk jug


This was a bargain find for £1 in a CS .... a little flow blue sucrier which I haven't been able to identify yet but probably dates to the 1880s


This tureen is from a dinner service by Ridgways of Staffordshire and dates to the late 1890s ... the service has two sizes of tureen, open vegetable dishes, three graduated serving platters, dinner plates and even a tiny little ladle.

Another set by Cork, Edge & Malkin called Fishers dating to the 1860s


  1. These are lovely, I especially like the Daisy pattern.

  2. What a great collection.... my favourite has to be Parsley with its sweet,ditty hand painted pattern.
    Julie x

  3. As I've said before, what a great eye you have... shall have to start calling you Mrs Cyclops!

    I particularly like Parsley too.....

  4. These are lovely - I saw a great toy dinner service at the Malvern Flea fair but I didn't look at the maker as it was more than I could afford. I find toy china very appealing, being a fan of all things miniature.