Wednesday, 24 August 2011

and the collection grows .....

A few more pieces with illustrations by Lilian Rowles to add to my collection

This gorgeous Valentine's postcard "A Little Ray of Sunshine" - it is a used card and this is what is on the back

I love to have a dig around and find out about the history of my little bargains so I've googled the name Waveny Whiteaway and found that she was born in Weybridge in 1922 so she was just 10 years old when she sent this card as the postmark is 28 January 1932.

I also found this photo on Photobucket and I believe the young lady in the centre is Waveny

How I wonder does a sweet little postcard, sent some 80 years ago from Worthing to Weybridge, manage to find itself on Ebay with a postcard dealer in York and now has a home with me in Bedfordshire?

A very well travelled card and I hope the Whiteaway family won't mind me telling you all about it on here .... it is so nice to put a face to the handwriting.

Another Lilian Rowles postcard ..... again Valentines

this one has never been used so no history lesson here sadly

A little story book of Aladdin with illustrations by Lilian Rowles which I think was published a little later in the 1940s


  1. What a brilliant find and how lovely to be able to put a face to the sender of the postcard. A little glimpse into the past - what a delight.

  2. The postcard is so lovely and you managed to find a photo thats amazing! xx

  3. The Aladdin book is new to me...what a great find!
    Keep hunting...
    Julie x

  4. Finding out the history of that postcard is fascinating, really lovely, and the postcards are beautiful too...

    Really lovely post to read = thanks for sahring!


  5. What a wonderful piece of social history, I love researching the things I find too.
    Ann x

  6. Great bit of detective work, love the little handwritten message.

  7. What a great piece of research! I have a cousin called Waveney, though we've never met. I believe she was named after an East Anglian river.