Monday, 29 August 2011

All is quiet ...... do you want to see some goodies ???

All is quiet on the Lala front now .... and the back for that matter as the borrower next door has retired for the day thank gawd!

We were intending to pop to a local produce show today .... this happens every August BH where local allotment holders bring all their excess produce and for a donation to the Keech Hospice you can fill a bag with all manner of lovely fresh fruit, veg and flowers but last night we happened to drive past the Hertfordshire Showground and saw that there was an antiques fair today.  Well I didn't need much persuading to change the plan and off we went this morning.

These are the goodies that I bought

Royal Albert Plate

Cute tray in the shape of a duck

A little pewter candle holder and behind you can see a selection of EPNS sugar tongs

Copeland Spode Cake Plate in the blue willow pattern
and what's this ????

The most exquisite Victorian leather bound photograph album which is almost full of family photographs and the only indication of the previous owner's name is Nellie which is handwritten on the inside cover.  Most of the photographs were taken in studios on the Kent and Sussex coast but what caught my eye the most was the delicate hand painted detail to these pages .... tiny little flowers, birds and insects and the colours are still so vibrant. 

Another book of 'lost people' .... I can never quite understand how such things get discarded.

My little treat of the day was this sewing table

We arrived home at lunchtime to find this

Our big brown bear Mollie and she was absolutely sparko .... don't know how she'd managed to kip with all that noise on the other side of the fence.  Poor dear is starting her season and always feels very sorry for herself at this time.

Hope you all had a super bank holiday xx


  1. Looks like your Lab is living the dream to me!!
    I would swap . . . . that couch looks comfy!!
    Love Helen xx

  2. I love the photo album, with the beautiful details. I've got lots of old photos and wonder how they end up at jumbles and the like. At least people like us rescue them and love them!!Linda xx

  3. I hadn't clicked that you had a choccy lab. She is beautiful.
    That sewing is exsquisite, what a find!
    I have some of my family albums rather like that one, but I am the last in line of 2 families, so maybe that's how they end up at sales! I have no-one to pass it on to!
    Z xx

  4. The photo album is gorgeous. what a lucky find, I often see them but they are soooo expensive, so well done you! All those lost sad xx

  5. I am so inlove with the sewing table x

  6. Beautiful photo album and, like you, I feel sad that it has turned up at a sale. What a load of family history contained within its pages and what beautiful artwork.

    How old is Mollie?

    The sewing table/cabinet is great - I'm trying to gauge its size? I had a big tidy up at the weekend and have unearthed my sewing cabinet made by my grandfather. I need to tidy up inside it too ... I have lots of old wooden cotton reels in there and just love the names of some of the colours.

    Anyhow, I digress .... am in awe of your bargain-hunting skills. Great finds as usual.

  7. I can see that you have managed to find a fantastic haul of bargains again. Love the photo album - a book of untold stories.

  8. Wow, I love the photo album, it's really beautiful, the sewing table is lovely too.See you soon.
    Ann x