Monday, 29 August 2011

Do you have a Bank Holiday banger ??????

Not a rude question ladies and nothing to do with your sex lives

I mean one of these bangers

The twit next door to me starts every bank holiday.   On Boxing Day he decided to rip out his bathroom and at Easter was clanging around in the loft and as we are a pair of semis every sound echoed down the chimney.

Today he has decided to play silly buggers on his patio and has been out there now with what sounds like a sledge hammer banging away on concrete.  Our kitchen/family room extension wall forms the boundary and I can feel it shaking with every hammer blow.


Sorry just had to get that one off my chest before I go round and throttle him!!!


  1. We don't have a 'banger' as such, more 'the-bitch-from-hell' and her two brat kids. There are times I feel I could kill with my bare hands!
    Z xx

  2. We have one that often starts to do things just as it gets dark, go figure?

  3. no, we just have speedy gonzales, he has a car with a noisy exhaust and if he's not driving that then he has either the motorbike or the quad bike instead! recently the motorbike was revving up at 1.30am!

    Josie x

  4. Mmmm - He better be careful, he may end up under his patio.....


  5. Did you use the pickaxe on him?

  6. Hey hun, just saw your Q re pinterest on Beki's blog - if you do not know the answer I can offer a little help. I cannot get pinny in my toolbar but dragged it to my faves - I now just click on the PIN IT in my fave folder and it comes up with all the pics to pin - hope this helps love annie.
    see you next week x

  7. Apart from lawnmowers its been quiet here this weekend - thank goodness.

  8. He does things in the dark too Lolly like mowing the grass ????? Thanks for the tip Annie I was getting frustrated with that one! See you soon x

  9. I hear your pain, our neighbours had an extension built that took 7 months!!
    They are starting on the garden soon apparently - grrr
    Twiggy x