Tuesday, 2 August 2011

They're here ......

What a good job time was spent yesterday clearing out the shed and moving the chooks boudoir into larger premises as today these arrived

There are three Pekin Bantams - buff, black and lavender ..... a black Orpington ..... a blue splashed Cochin bantam and a Polish crested bantam

Just tucked them up for the night with the five Rhode Island reds and I do hope there's no squabbling !

The reds all look the same so haven't names but thinking caps on ladies .... what can we call these ???


  1. I feel all excited on your behalf, Debbie! I would dearly love a full sized Cochin. You will have a lot of pleasure observing this mixed bunch.

  2. Oh chicken envy ;-) Do hope they settle okay during the night and that there was no squabbling!

  3. Ooh they're lovely. We've been meaning to get some chickens (Rhode Island Reds are my choice too)for years now, but Husband still hasn't got round to building their run. I live in hope...

    Your girls look lovely; how about Gertrude as a name?

  4. They are lovely, can't wait to catch up with you on Saturday for some chicken talk now we have acquired our first two.
    Ann x

  5. Watch a gorgeous clutch - how about Dilly-dilly for that lavender bantam?

  6. Lovely lovely chickens, I have a full size buff cochin and she is so friendly :)