Friday, 12 August 2011

Brollies and bikinis .....

Yesterday was the Lala family outing to see the air display on Lowestoft seafront.  The car was packed with all the necessities like rain coats, brollies and sun cream because you just never can trust our good old English weather can you !

It was piddling down here but the forecast for Suffolk was fairly good with a bit of sunshine and some showers ..... after a car journey of two and a half hours (minus a brekkie stop at MaccieDs) we arrived to beautiful blue skies and sunshine.  The organisation was superb and we drove straight to a park & walk car park at the football ground which was 5 minutes away from the seafront.  Some enterprising locals were having a garage sale and it would have been rude not to look, ha ha, much to the dismay of my daughters who exclaimed oh no mum can't we go anywhere without you finding a charity shop, car boot or something similar! 

I found some lovely 1930s Art Deco coloured glassware .... in the first picture are some vases by Davidson in a lovely design called Chevron .... I'd only bought one of the small ones in our local CS a couple of days ago and there sitting in the garage was a twin small one and a big brother too!

I had a lovely chat with the lady selling them and it turns out they had moved to Lowestoft from a town just 10 miles away from us.

Anyhoo bargain hunting ceased and we found a spot on the sea front and got comfy for the start of the display at 1.00 pm  which was a parachute drop

Can you see the UJ on the underside of the parachute??

In between the displays we all went for a paddle and make sandcastles and then true to form the weather changed in a split second to this

and then just as quickly changed again to this ......

some enterprising people on the seafront were doing things in style

The afternoon ended with a display from the magnificent Red Arrows

Unfortunately my poor old camera was having a bad day and kept jamming and then ran out of memory and apart from a short video clip that was all I took of them.  They make the hairs on the back of my neck stand out and when they did the manouevre where their tail smoke is in red, white and blue everyone was clapping and cheering.  It was such a lovely contrast to all the trouble broadcast in our cities this week and made you feel proud to be British.  Ellie exclaimed that Great Britain was truly great and this was the best day ever nanny and it was.  This is a great day out and the prices of everything from the vendors on the front were extremely reasonable and a refreshing change from the rip-off days out in some places.

This morning we went over to the Flea Market in Hitchin but it was quiet and only one little thing caught my eye.  You may remember that blue and white china is my favourite and I especially love collecting antique children's china so I got quite excited when I spotted this little fellow on a £1 table ....

A diddy little transferware tea cup from a tea service dating to around 1840 .... I've got my detective's hat on now to try and identify the pattern and if anyone recognises it please let me know.  I placed the pound coin next to it to give you an idea of the size .... so cute !!

This afternoon I popped into my local CS and just inside the door was a basket of these for just £1 a bag

 A little further on an Edwardian wooden folding cake stand .... only a fiver because of a break in one of the legs but that can soon be mended and I think with a coat of paint it will be very useful for display at the vintage fairs.

 and a Victorian crinoline lady with basket attached to her back which I think was probably for spills to sit on the mantlepiece.

I do hope the weather holds out for the weekend .... I can hear the car booties calling already.

Have a good weekend xx


  1. Glad you all had a wonderful day out, despite the very changeable weather! Trust you to find a carboot sale ;-) The vases are lovely but that little tea cup is just perfect.

  2. Such a British day out! Love your photos and your finds. Managed to get to Hitchin market myself last week.

  3. As you know, the mention of Hitchin market is hugely nostalgic to me!

    I love the photos of you paddling in the sea - great to have a blog to record these wonderful memories!

    I can't believe that young man is so BIG - what a lovely family you have Lala xx

  4. Great thrifty buys and what a wonderful day out I love Air Shows but the fact it was over the sea wakes it really special.

  5. The little cup is most probably one of our local Victorian potteries...John Carr and Son from North Shields ....I have had them before, some in blue transfer and others in brown. There will be no mark on the cup but the saucer usually had the impressed mark.
    Julie x
    Missed a complete set a few months ago....grrr!

  6. I love to see the red arrows. So very, very special. Lots of smiley faces on your post, so the weather didn't dampen your spirits... :O)

  7. LOL! You do have a knack for finding lovelies everywhere you go. I think they must just throw themselves at you.

    Looks like the Lala Clan had a fun day out despite the silly weather.

    Madison xxx

  8. Great finds - the blue bowl should have six small sundae glasses with it, I think. I've got the green and pink sets.
    Love from Mum

  9. How tiny is that cup! It is so dinky! I love the cake stand, it will look fab as a display prop as you say, Amy has a squarer one and it is brilliant. Love the pic of you paddling, it is really nice! See you soon!

    Thank you darling for your lovely comment, have a brill bank hol! xx love Annie xx