Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sunday Car Booty Looty

We had a lovely day in Market Harborough yesterday at the Vintage Fair .... sales were good and it was another lovely opportunity to chat with bloggers, sellers and visitors ... these events are great social activities too bringing like minded folk together in one place for a day.  We were the first to arrive and I think I must have been so laid back with so much time on my hands to set up that I forgot to take photos !!

This morning was spent having a sort through the stock I brought home so that I could take some to Country Matters and then on to some car boots while the dry sunny weather was still holding out.  We were very lucky and were just on our way back to the car when the heavens opened.  Carnage then ensued as every Tom, Dick and Harry headed for the sole exit .... it was every man or woman for themselves as around six cars a time tried to squeeze out!

Thanks goodness it was a very productive outing to compensate for the car boot road rage that was bubbling in me at the stupidity of some drivers.

A pretty Cadbury's biscuit tin and Sheffield steel cake knife

 A boxed set of Sheffield butter knives

 Cute tray with chocolate box picture of kittens and flowers

 Little papier mache trinket box, crinoline lady jug and a 'Mother' brooch

A pair of 1930s banana split dishes, deco preserve pot, trinket pot, little glass salt and a pair of candle holders

A gorgeous embroidered silk panel in jesso frame

Art Deco mirror on a chain hanger

Art Deco dressing table set with unusual double sconce candle holder

We recognised this immediately as an old photo of Tilehouse Street in Hitchin .... a lot of the buildings are still there and below is how it looks today

and here's a link to google street view


  1. Love the stoppers on those art deco bottles. I was enjoying a walk down Tilehouse Street on Friday on a visit to Tim's. Delighted you liked my suggestion for Dilly, hope she becomes a good layer.

  2. Wow, lot's of great treasure, love the kitten tray. Booty road rage is a scary thing!!!
    Sophie xx

  3. Wow! you did well
    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. Oh, lovely! Great haul. Love the mirror.

    Madison xxx

  5. You did really well. As I am from Sheffield I particularly love the cutlery. Would you believe you hardly ever see it on car boots or in charity shops around these parts.

  6. Great haul!!! I had a great day on Saturday too, but forgot to take pics before I washed & wrapped them up!!!

    Sharon xx

  7. I smiled when I saw the banana split dishes. When I was a teenager I had a job in a restaurant at weekends. A chap used to come in and for pudding always ordered "a banana split, with a straight banana". In a box of bananas there is always a straight banana and we always kept it for him to continue his joke. Great finds Debbie.