Monday, 16 March 2009

Have you seen these ?????????

I had left a very subtle hint for a Mother's Day gift on the fridge (photo of Emma Bridgewater spring flower mugs) for my darling daughter but yesterday we went to our brand new Marks & Spencer store. It has been re-located after God knows how many years in the same unit (I remember it as a child!) and it is great - three floors of lovelies and look what we found in the home section. I just had to have them and what a bargain at £9.50 for the four as opposed to £15.95 for the Bridgewater. Beautiful as they are I do think they are greatly overpriced. More later on my weekend finds.


  1. They are gorgeous I have a very similar set from M&S, though they are spotty. Can't wait to see more of your pretties :)

    Thank you for your very kind and special words, the midwife we had really was quite upset and it does make you think that they see the grief aswell as the joy.

    Enjoy your special Mother's day




  2. Thank you Mary - have just had a peek in the M & S catalogue and they have a matching teapot, bowls & plates - guess what will be next on my fridge door wish list !!!!