Friday, 27 March 2009

What are you coming back as ?????

I have been saying for years that my in my next incarnation I am coming back as a neutered Tom Cat - if these lazy examples of mine are anything to go by it seems the perfect life. Food & water on tap and sleep any time I like .........
Meet brothers Oliver & Binks - Ollie is the ginger and Binks the black one (obviously!) Binks is named after Zachary Binks from the Hocus Pocus Disney movie, very appropriate as they moved in with us at Halloween in 2006. They are a funny pair and still spend ages grooming each other and lately Binks has taken to giving our choc lab Molly a good wash and brush up. Amazing as he hissed like hell at her when we first brought her home - now they are all great pals.


  1. Oh what a pair of beuatiful cats ,yes i would like to come back as one as well best wishes Pat

  2. I often think I WAS a cat in a previous life, I share so many character traits with my little moggy it's uncanny!

    That picture is just lovely :) x