Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Woman on a mission ..............

and I was .............. went to the auction as planned and my good friend came with me to amuse the small people when the lots I was interested in came up. The dolls were mostly Armand Marseille and went for a minimum of £80 each so I kept my hands in my pockets! Did manage to get a lot of 2 boxes of old linens which are now in the laundry process and when I have finished and they are all clean and pressed tomorrow I will post some pix (I know, how sad that I relish washing and ironing but there is something so satisfying about giving a new lease of life to some old tut that has been languishing in some dirty cupboard for half a century or more). The old toys went for more than I was prepared to pay and I hadn't intended on spending any more when whilst waiting for the last few lots to finish, I spied a set of wicker garden furniture. We gave them a test drive and I couldn't believe my luck - I got them for £12!!! I know that the fabric on the sofa cushion is Laura Ashley so it could be that they are LA also - if anyone recognises the style please let me know. Next I had to think how was I going to get that lot home with 2 small people and best friend in a Zafira .... ended up coming home depositing one load and then charging back for the sofa .... just made it back in time for the school run. Am now completely knackered, have had a nice shower and now sitting comfortably in the old jim jams .. I don't think I have the energy to lift a needle or crochet hook this evening ... Oh well tomorrow is another day

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  1. What an absolutely gorgeous garden set - and an incredible bargain - the seat pads alone must be worth more than £12!!!. I've never been to an auction but seeing your coup I really should. The linens sound very interesting - can't wait to see them.