Sunday, 22 March 2009

My New Baby

Had just given up of ever finding a bargain this weekend when I spied, tucked under a table, this Bernina sewing machine. As I bent down to take a close look a voice said hello Debbie and when I looked up there stood a Pat who lives just over the road. Sadly her mother-in-law had recently died and the machine had been hers - she very kindly set it to one side for me and on her return from the car boot let me take it to have a test drive. My old faithful New Home, fast approaching its 25th birthday, is beginning to clatter and splutter and there is no way I could afford a new one at the moment with the household income almost halved because of short time working. Anyhow, I gave it a little test and it was great, although 10 years old it has hardly been used. Hubby said it could be my birthday present so I ran across the road and paid Pat the £40 she had asked and she was so pleased it was going to a home where it would be used. She said she has boxes of material and patterns from mum-in-laws house which I can have. Not such a disappointing weekend after all and of course it is Mother's Day - lovely chocs, flowers and the matching teapot, dishes and teaplates from M&S to match the mugs I treated myself to last weekend.

Hope you all had a lovely day x Debbie


  1. I'm delighted you won't be out of action on the sewing front (I've got my eye on your fabric letters!).

    Gorgeous linens - there are some real gems there.

    Enjoy that rhubarb, I've a regular supply coming from my parents as they have a huge patch. We've had crumble 3 times this week so I'm going to jam some to have with ice cream in the summer - yum.

  2. Get over there and find out what the materials and patterns are like...... Ha! Ha! x

  3. Hope your new machine gives you tons of fun!

  4. Your sewing machine looks lovely, I bet you are going to be great friends ;)

    Thanks for the encouragement on the olde sewing front, it is lovely and rewarding to see some improvement eventually :)