Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Wednesday, Mitttwoch, Mercredi, Mercoledì, Miércoles

I like Wednesdays - it is the middle of the week so I feel happy that the weekend is not too far away. After my dismal blog on Friday we had a pretty good weekend - our youngest turned 21 and we are so proud of her - she has had a long journey through her late teens as she was only sixteen when she gave birth to Ellie but still managed to continue her education and with her partner the family have moved into their own home and have another baby due in July. They both work very hard to pay their way and have never claimed a State handout unlike many others out there. It hasn't always been easy as they lived with us for four years but we have been blessed with a very sensible daughter and beautiful lively grandchild who never fails to make us smile.

On Sunday we went to our regular car boot and I was extremely lucky to find a stack of craft magazines - I was picking out a couple when the guy said I could have the lot for £2!! Boy o boy my filthy lucre was in his hand before you could say crochet. I was delighted to find a whole load of USA imported crochet patterns, the bulk of which I have kept, the rest I have listed on Ebay where my ID is lalabi-baby - please take a look they are in pristine condition and most have UK price tags of £4-5 each.

I am trying to concentrate my efforts on the Delapre Craft Fair at the end of April now as the weeks are ticking away. Ebay also seems to be picking up a bit now that people have got over the expense of Christmas. The Country Living fair starts in London today and I would loved to have gone but Brownie starts the injections in his knee on Friday so until we know how that turns out we won't be going too far. I gave up on the Ideal Home show years ago but had a lovely day at The Spirit of Christmas Fair last November.

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  1. So we both have a great name meaning then!!! I'm very interested in stuff like that, though I have to admit I've forgotten what my girls' names mean, oops.

    Amazing cake your daughter had, bet she was really pleased with that. Sounds like she is doing really well, I had my first child at 24 when in my own home etc and found it very difficult so she must be one tough cookie!

    Mel xxx