Friday, 6 March 2009


We come to the end of yet another week ,which has flown by, as I write the old man is at the hospital (third time in a week) - this time for his gammy knee. Too much football in his younger days and manual work have taken their toll and his left knee is basically knackered. He had keyhole surgery last November to clean it out and the doctor wants to start a course of injections to replace the missing cartilege - he won't replace the knee yet as he says he is still too young at 51. On top of that a routine hearing test last year followed by an MRI scan has revealed what they think is a cyst close to his brain and he has to have a CAT scan next week to determine just how big and where it is situated. This is worrying me the most - he hates hospitals. Also his brother died at age 59 of a heart attack and his sister aged 54 died two years ago with leukaemia so this is playing on his mind. We are polar opposites - I try to keep positive and am a cup half full type of person whereas he has negative tendencies to say the least at always looks at the bad side - how the hell we have been together since school sometimes surprises me (30th wedding anniversary in November this year) but we have and have raised four great children and are now blessed with two grandchildren and another on the way in July.

To add insult to injury he is employed by General Motors and we all know what trouble they are in at the moment and there are so many rumours flying around about whether they will close the UK plants. But hey ho life goes on and we get these things chucked at us now and again. Not the end of the world but a possible change. Sorry to be a bit of a doom monger but I feel better now it is off my chest. More positive blogs promised for the weekend. XXXX

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