Monday, 24 May 2010

Another scorcher and more booty bargains

What a glorious day again today and I wanted some shade to sit in to read the paper and then do some sewing.  I have to wear prescription sunglasses but they are for distance & light sensitivity so I can't see to do close up work when wearing them and can't risk a migraine if I take them off.  So up went the new gazebo this morning ..... I felt like lady muck sitting there with my feet up just listening to the birds and finishing off the latest quilt.  I hope to update my webshop at some point this week and I will be taking my work to this event on Saturday 5th June .... I visited a few weeks ago and decided that it would be worth giving it a go.

This one has Laura Ashley blue polkadot & ditsy rose, Cath Kidston classic rose, some CKesque floral, blue striped ticking with a pale blue cotton backing.

I then spent some time cutting up the last of my vintage chintz in readiness to make some more string blocks.  I was going to start machining them this evening but I've just got back from DD2s house ... she recorded the last episode of Lost this morning and I couldn't wait till tomorrow to watch in on normal TV.  I am not usually a fan of American series and can't stand Friends, SATC or Desperate Housewives but this one got me hooked.  In fact we even went so far as to purchase some DVDs of Season 3 off the internet before it was screened over here and spent the whole night watching the lot.  Not sure if I can explain what the attraction was (apart from Jack and Sawyer that is!) but I just had to watch .... what am I going to do at 9pm on a Friday evening now????  Ashes to Ashes finished too ... I never watched Life on Mars or the previous Ashes series but again got hooked onto the last one.  Maybe it was because of the music and the 80s atmosphere was so authentic (you really had to be around then to appreciate the humour and I was ... the 80s was my most productive time in the biggest sense as it was when I had my four children).

The sewing will have to wait till later tomorrow as I have to take my mum to hospital for a scan and the poor thing has to drink a load of water before she goes so she will be fit to burst.

Despite the searing heat yesterday I just couldn't stay away from the car boot .... DD2 was selling so I took the children.  Ellie is becoming a fantastic little bargain hunter and takes her own purse to buy things ... it is a great way of introducing littlies to the value of money and also handling it thru working out which coins she will need to pay with.  She was really lucky yesterday and found some brand new floor puzzles including The Gruffalo, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Giant ELC Farm Puzzle and her current favourite The Care Bears.  Baby Annabell clothes are a favourite also and she can spot anything Annabell from a mile off!

I didn't do too bad myself either and came home with two BNIP Sanderson Double Duvet & Pillowcase sets and matching curtains for the grand total of £10 .... I couldn't believe my luck!  Also a pair of brand new L K Bennett mules and a Zara Sport Linen top which were only a pound each ..... lovely jubbly.

Finally is it just me or is anyone else experiencing difficulties when posting .... the photo positioning seems to have gone backwards to how it was months ago and it has taken me ages to get them in the right order.  Very frustrating !


  1. All that Sanderson for £10 - brilliant! By the way I have the Eiffel Tower bottle (previous post) I understand its an old Avon bottle.

  2. We enjoyed Ashes to Ashes as well - watched the last episode last night actually. The music and humour is great isn't it?!

    We've also watched some LOST but need to get the rest of the series.

    It was too hot for me to go carbooting yesterday - so had a lazy unproductive day at home...much like today really, although I did teach for 1 1/2 hours.

  3. Hi ... the guy who sold me the bottle said it was full of brandy but he'd drunk it all! Can only guess that it was French Brandy hence the shape of the bottle ... I've got a fish shaped bottle too which was on the table years ago in an Italian restaurant and I decant my washing up liquid into it. Not an unproductive day Lorraine if you managed some teaching ... don't be so hard on yourself x

  4. Great bed linen - and that's a gorgeous quilt. Looks like the heat wave's over - better get the vest out again!!

  5. Hi Lala, really love that quilt it is gorgeous!

    Braved a bootsale yesterday too, it was an early one which was good as by mid morning it was roasting. You got some great buys there, did quite well too, must have been the sunshine eh!

    Am with you on the Ashes front, all that music just takes me back to my twenties and my toes start happily tapping away ;o) xx

  6. I watched Ashes to Ashes too and was surprised to see 'my hill' featured as being next to Gene Hunts burial place. WOW. Still not entirely sure I understand the ending though, need to rewatch it I think.

    Well done on finding the sanderson set. A very good make and I'm sure it will last years and years.

  7. Your quilt is gorgeous :)

    Have sort of watched this series of A2A - have loved the music - 80's was my era - was when I grew up from little girl to married woman!!

  8. The quilt is beautiful, so crisp and clean looking. I've worn prescription bi-focal sunglasses for some years now, worth every expensive penny. So sorry to hear about your chooks, seems that this is turning into quite a problem in blogland at the moment.
    Jak x

  9. Your quilt looks great - hope it finds a buyer at your craft fair.
    I have had 'intermittent' problems with the order of my photos - drives me potty!

  10. That quilt is absolutely beautiful!