Saturday, 22 May 2010

Oh what a bootiful morning .... oh what a beautiful day

I awoke early to an empty house as the others were all on early shifts and on such a beautiful morning there was only one place I was heading ... OK two .... I headed off to Buntingford Car Boot for 8 am and then went on to another just a ten minute drive away and they were both absolutely jam packed.  Here is some of my booty for today

A flow blue gravy boat, empty glass bottle in the shape of the Eiffel Tower, two diddy glass jelly moulds, two balls of Rowan cotton yarn

A beaded orange dress from Next which was new with the tags still attached, a collection of lovely old Ladybird books

A vintage Spong mincer unused and boxed with a sticker for the London Design Centre and another vibrant orange summer dress
Hungry Caterpillar floor puzzle and Roary the Racing Car mini track

Some embroidered table napkins, table cover, crisp cotton chair backs

I also purchased a load of plants for my hanging baskets ..... total spend £40

I must have a little whinge now .... I lost count of the number of pushchairs I passed with babies and young children with absolutely no protection from the searing heat of the sun .... what is the matter with people ... I do hope that the little ones are not suffering tonight because of the stupidity of their parents.

When I got back home I thought I would take the dogs over the fields as they are just mooching about the house and seem reluctant to go down the garden since the events of Tuesday.  Last night around ten they went absolutely beserk and barked like mad which is totally out of character for them.  I can only think that the fox had returned in the hope of finding another free meal.  We had a lovely peaceful walk around the fields when I suddenly realised I had dropped my keys .... I had to backtrack and instead of a half hour walk we were out for nearly two!  I couldn't find them so rang my DD2 on the off chance she was at home .... I was so lucky and caught her before she went off to St Albans with the children so she went to my house and got the spares and delivered them to me.  By this time we had finished all of our water and I was as red as a beetroot ... good job I'd used the sun cream this morning or things could have been a lot worse.  A couple of hours ago when OH got home we went up there again and he found them in a clump of grass where I'd stopped to pick up some poo ... they must have fallen out of my pocket .. oops!!

And finally I have made some more photo cushions with some of my favourite family photos .. this is the day Jack was born last year and I took a pic of his tiny little foot against his sister's slightly larger one
From my son's wedding last year a shot of the bride and Ellie the bridesmaid tripping the light fantastic

Ellie in a studio shot
My friend's daughter took this B & W shot of Ellie
I hope you have had a wonderful sunny Saturday and here's to a sunny Sunday too x


  1. Wow - you have some excellent finds :)

    How do you do the photos please? Thats something I'd love to be able to do for pressies?

  2. I agree with Vicki, can we have a tutorial please, pretty plesae with a cherry on top.

    I too dispair at parents, who do not sun cream. My lovely mum has just been and topped up my supply today, as she needed some and it was buy one and one free, but still was £18! That was for factor 50, which lasts 6 hours, as they are not allowed to take it to school

  3. I know exactly what you mean about the parents and the pushchair. One poor baby was crying like mad and a lady pointed out to her mother that the baby was in direct sunlight. The mother completely ignored her, so this lady tried again and got a mouthload of abuse from the mother and carried on pushing and ignoring her crying baby! Dare I say she wasn't English...

    Glad you found your keys.

  4. Some lovely finds there Lala and what alot you got pleased to read you found your keys too, and your cushions are fab hun...a really lovely idea x

  5. Sounds like you had quite a day - some great finds including the keys!!!
    The cushions look great.

  6. Wow, what a lot of goodies you found! I can't believe how much you got done this weekend, all I've done is sat in the shade, drinking more water than my body can contain (meaning many trips to the bathroom!) and writing my novel. Or should I say *trying* to write my novel as my niece decided to sit by me and write her autobiography and I spent more time talking to her than writing anything... good times, though!

  7. Lala your cushions are stunning honey, what a great idea, you clever lady you!
    Glad you found your keys and alls well now.

  8. What great car booty.
    I'll bet there's alot of pink skin around thsi weekend!

  9. Lovely finds !! I'm with you with the children with no protection thing, Twiglet had Factor 50 on this weekend a sunhat and long sleeved t.shirt!! We're all pretty fair skinned so all of us cover up.
    twiggy x

  10. Your car bootsales are way better than ours here methinks! Having said that, I got some good plants from one today. I love all your embroidered stuff that you got. Lucky you. No doubt destined for more of your great makes.