Wednesday, 5 May 2010

I've taken the plunge!

I keep making all these quilts, throws, cushions etc etc etc and now must make a real effort to sell them.  As with most of us crafters I'm not very good at marketing myself and all this networking business is new to this old timer.  I must admit in the past I have poo pooed it somewhat but since joining blogland and many other crafting forums I can now see that it is the perfect way to move forward.  My photography skills are very limited and I struggle to show my makes at their best so internet selling for me is somewhat limited as I think they have got to be seen 'in the flesh' to be fully appreciated.

So, I have booked for two craft markets to be held in June and July.  The first is in the lovely market town of Berkhamsted at a pefect venue in the centre of the high street and the second one is in another market town close to me in Hitchin.  I am nervous but excited and will have my daughter and friend with me for support and if I sell just one thing I will be a very happy Lala.  Both dates will be perfect opportunities to distribute some business cards and meet fellow crafters.

Yesterday I started a small throw and played around for a while with some pieces of 1930s vintage chintz fabric with the most amazing Oriental birds.  These were old chair covers which I unpicked, gently washed and pressed last year and I thought they complimented the embroidered cloth beautifully.  I tend to do my own thing and don't very often follow a pattern .... I am self taught and apart from needlework class at school I have had no formal training and prefer to work on a trial and error basis, sometimes coming back to UFOs when another idea has popped into my brain cell.  Tonight I finished and here is the end result.

The backing is a dusky pink sateen finish cotton which was given to me by the lady I bought my sewing machine from ... her MIL had died and she needed a home for her sewing bits and pieces so there I was with my hand up!

Some scraps of fabric found in a tatty cardboard box at a boot fair, a table cover from the charity shop and some freebie fabric given new life ..... my idea of perfect recycling.


  1. The colour match on these is perfect, the fabrics are very pretty. I shall be keeping an eye open for your dates.

  2. It's lovely - best of look with your craft fair stalls!

  3. Go for it Debbie, you have "the eye" for all of this. I am with Jill in loving the colours and patterns....

  4. Your work is wonderful, I wish you the best of luck, not that you will need it, the uniqueness of your work makes it stand out from the crowd

  5. The colours in your quilt are lovely as is the bird fabric.
    good luck with your new venture!


  6. whoa! Way to go ;-) Must remember those dates!

  7. Well done for taking the plunge! I've often pondered on the idea myself, but I think I'm a bit too lazy to properly get my act together ;)

  8. Thanks ladies .... your encouragement is very much appreciated. Have a good weekend x

  9. Gorgous, Lala, really gorgeous. I know what you mean about the networking and internet selling... I find it easier to go and chat to the woman in the local shop most often. Maybe you could find an outlet like that for some of your work? But your work is lovely, and there's most definitely a market for it.
    I'm going to look out for the children's quilting book you mentioned. It sounds good.
    Happy quilting! And have a lovely wkend. x