Monday, 3 May 2010

Bank Holiday Monday Tranquility

After a busy week and even busier weekend, today all small people were banned from Lala Towers.  Today was strictly 'me' day.  Sad thing that I am I was in bed just after 9 last night and woke refreshed to start my day at 7 o'clock.

True to my word I have managed to finish four cushion covers today ... two to match the quilt on my last post and two more from blocks from the 'no strings' challenge.  They are all envelope back with polkadot or gingham check backing.

It's so rewarding to finish projects .... I am a terror for starting things and then getting a little (oh alright a lot) bored and moving onto something else without finishing.  My sewing desk is testament to this with little piles of different colour co-ordinated string, some finished string blocks, patchwork squares and offcuts from vintage table covers patiently waiting to be used.

Last night I also finished a crochet cushion cover in soft pastel cotton .... the front is four squares and the backing is in the same colours but in traditional granny square style.  I'm also using up odds and ends of cotton yarn to make crochet coat hanger covers with little crochet/knitted flowers.

I hope you have all had a lovely long weekend whatever you've been up to x


  1. Absolutely stunning, all of it!!

  2. Oohh, it's all gorgeous! Such pretty makes!
    Rachel x

  3. Such beautiful work, Lala! You're a very talented lady.

  4. You have been busy, all of them gorgeous but I especially love the crotchet one.
    I so wish I could crotchet.

    B xxx

  5. Bugger! i forget how talented you are!
    I really NEED some of your beautiful Crocheted cushions, they are stunningly gorgeous, i am smitten.....

    Love and hugs honey. Mwah X x X x X x X x X x X x X <3 <3

  6. Your cushions are so pretty, I think if I had a little nap on one I would only have sweet dreams.

  7. What fab crafting projects.
    A x

  8. LOVEing the patchwork cushions! Am also liking the crochet hangers - I'm sure I've got a book somewhere that tells you how to do them so I might just have a crack at them. They make nice pressies, don't they? Perhaps with a matching lavendar heart? Hmmmm...