Saturday, 1 May 2010

Where did April go??

I feel as though I blinked and there flashed by April ..... I don't know about you but I think we were rather blessed with some fine weather after such a long and wet winter.  The garden is waking up with splashes of colour here and there  and I've tasted the first crop of rhubarb .... Delia's Rhubarb Brulee recipe highly recommended

I have no idea what this is called because the label has long since blown away but at this time of year it blooms with these clusters of yellow bell type flowers

Grape Hyacinths

Pieris Forest Flame

my early Clematis just waiting to pop

and on my visit to Barton Watermill this week I spotted a lovely plant growing outside and was delighted to find one for sale in the garden centre ..... a blue Clematis called Blue Dancer

Bleeding Hearts


and in anticipation of a glorious warm summer this little lady went to the salon for her first groom .... she was so well behaved and looks gorgeous

I've had a brief respite from childcare for a few hours this afternoon and managed to finish another patchwork quilt ... this one is a mix of Laura Ashley polkadot and gingham with a splash of Cath Kidston classic rose ... I have some more squares already cut and hope to make some cushion covers over the coming couple of days.  The grands are on sleepover tonight so we're going to snuggle down soon with BGT and I'll get my crochet hook out.

Hope you all have a lovely Bank Holiday whatever you are doing x


  1. Hi Lala ... Thank you so much for your email! Very helpful indeed.

    It's great that Spring arrived eventually although it's been a little chillier here today.

    I love the quilt you have made ... clever lady.

    You enjoy your Bank Holiday too! xx

  2. That quilt is beautiful!! I also love your lovely flower pics, thank goodness, winter has finally gone!!
    I know we dont want today's rain, but I think our gardens do! Let's hope it's nicer tomorrow : )

    Sharon xx

  3. I'm with you: I haven't a clue where the month went.....

    Love your bleeding hearts plant, I had one but it has disappeared (as plants do from time to time). Rhubarb been tasted here too. Beautiful quilt.

  4. The flowers in the first picture look a bit like they are from the Kowhai tree? I think you can get them here.

    Love the quilt it is beautiful, matching cushions will be the icing on the cake!

  5. love love love the quilt, beautiful colour combo and that dog is gawjus.

    Hope you enjoy the BH.

    Oh btw have you or will you be making anymore of those kitty hangings I bought as DD just loves them and keeps dropping hints shes going to pinch mine..................NOT!!
    Don't worry if not :) xx