Monday, 17 May 2010

Who's a pretty boy then ????

A few weeks ago I posted this and you may remember this little chap

Well here he is today with his siblings ... all are independent and feeding themselves.  Isn't Mother Nature wonderful.

These two little cuties are budgie babies .....

They are both from the same nest .... the one on the right of the photo is 4 weeks old and his little brother is a week behind him.

They will both grow into pretty blue budgerigars.

The breeding season this year started off very well with 69 budgie eggs laid but sadly only a handful were viable and the cold snap of the past weeks has resulted in a lot of canary babies not surviving.  I suppose it is all down to survival of the fittest and we can't argue with the laws of nature.

Whilst the OH has been busy tending his babies I've been busy building up more stock for the craft fair in a few weeks time. 

These are now  ....

and I've also finished an embroidered linen cover too

Can I also thank all you lovely ladies for the comments left on my last post about the dilemma of pricing ..... there were some very useful thoughts that I have taken on board and wise words from Pam about offsetting the price against smaller items made from the leftover pieces of fabric ..... I feel some more string items coming on ;-)

I've been hunched over the machine for the past hour working on another patchwork quilt and my shoulder is throbbing so I'm going to put my feet up now with a cuppa and Country Living magazine.

Take care everyone and keep smiling :-)


  1. Gosh they have certianly grown haven't they. Can't wait to see the budgies once they are fully feathered.

    Make sure you remind me when the craft fair is!

  2. The canaries are super. I love to hear their song.....

    Craftwork looking fabulous. My favourite is the embroidered linen piece. Beautiful.

  3. What a beautiful sight. They are gorgeous. Wish I could see them!
    I love your cushions.
    Hugs for what has happened. x

  4. Oh how lovely! My first and only pet as a child was a green and yellow Budgie, who was crazy and ruled the roost completely, but we adored him in every way... I just have to persuade Tim now that having another one would be fun!

    You've been very busy making things, the cushions are gorgeous - when and where is your next craft fair? If we're ever in the vicinity we may just have to pop to one and see all your loveliness!

  5. I love the embroidered cushion, how long did it take you to do that? looks so intricate, it is lovely.