Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Don't look now if you are squeamish

A very angry and emotional post this morning so I will keep it short.  Just before we left for the school run I went down to feed the chooks their daily ration of sweetcorn as I always do to be greeted with the most horrendous sight.

Five of my girls lay with their heads ripped off and Babs is missing completely.  It looks like Reynard has made an early visit to us and had his fun.  After seeing this my feelings are that the sooner they bring back fox hunting the better.  Don't be fooled by that doggy look and fluffy tail .... they are evil.  My chicken run has six foot wooden fencing down one side and 6 foot wire on the others but the b......d still managed to get in.  We are not in the countryside this is urban fox at his worst.  The thought of the terror he must have inflicted on them is unbearable.  So before anyone gets sentimental over Mr Foxy Woxy take a look at this.

Brutal I know but what was I saying about Mother Nature yesterday.

As I sit here now in the morning sunshine I have to decide on the last resting place in the garden and how to explain it to the children later.  I a very sad and very very angry.


  1. Oh hunni I'm crying here so I can't begin to imagine how you feel.
    Sending huge ((hugs)) hope the children are OK

    Beki xxx

  2. So sad - what is so angry making is the fact he/she only seemed to want one, but killed so many. You must be so upset. Have you any left? Heart felt hugs and I am making you a virtual cup of tea!

  3. Oh, that's just so awful, more so that they weren't even killed to fill the fox's belly. I know how enraged you feel - A few years I had a pet rabbit who lived mostly indoors. One day, when I let him out to roam the (escape-proofed) garden, a large cat jumped onto my lawn and got hold of him. I ran out to him straight away, but he died from the shock. Hugs all round to you and the children. SueXX

  4. How horrible for you. Here in the countrywe seem to have no trouble with foxes (hope I haven't spoken too soon)The urban fox seems to be a huge problem - I can't see fox hunting solving that one though.

  5. We are in the country and see them occasionally, but we have actually had a manky one on our lawn one day at around noon......... They are so cruel in the way they seem to kill for killing sake as well as to eat. Ours our netted into two compounds and we left the fence slack in order that the fox couldnt get up it (well, we hope he never does). I really feel for you, I gather it is something you never forget if you see it.

  6. Oh no! I'm so sorry to read this.
    We have been keeping chickens (in the country) for about 5 years & haven't lost any to a fox (keeping fingers crossed). We have poultry netting around their enclosure & always lock them in their house at night. We do live next door to a free range chicken farm & one night a fox got into the barn & killed over 90 of them....the farmer went out with his gun that evening...


  7. Its horrible isn't it.
    We used to keep our hens locked up at night to protect them from foxes (and stoats/weasels) but one night I was a little later locking them up and a stoat had got in killed two and fatally injured another. Another time I found a fox in our paddock making off with a hen - I set a dog on the fox but the hen had to be killed afterwards because of its injuries.
    Personally I hate foxs and would bring back hunting tomorrow if I could.Not only do they devastate peoples animals but they spread all sorts of diseases too.

  8. So sorry lala. :(