Saturday, 21 February 2009

Oh what a beautiful morning !!

The sun is out, the sky is blue, there's not a cloud to spoil the view so it's time to get the wellies on and get out in the garden - you just never know how long it's gonna last. I purchased some rather fetching pink floral gardening gloves and a new pair of secateurs before the white stuff came down and today is their day - I have had a quick reccie round the estate and there are some signs of life - the narcissi, daffs and crocuses are starting to show their pretty little faces and the shrubs and roses are starting to bud. We have had some new visitors to the garden this week which has interested the children - a song thrush pecking at the fat balls we made and a pheasant - bearing in mind we are on the outskirts of the town and have a fifteen minute walk to the nearest open space I don't know how he made it here. My friend down the round saw him last weekend and when I told the old man he said she must have been drinking again - had to eat his words when it was waddling around the bottom of our garden on Wednesday. Just hope the cats don't get their eyes on him - our Oliver has a penchant for wildlife and quite often brings home a present for us (our neighbour saw him last year disappearing over the fence with a magpie!). We also have a fox - the security light came on, all our lot were flat on their backs asleep indoors so my son took a look and saw him peeking through the fence.

It is going to kill me but I must not touch the sewing basket till the job is done - here are some bits I finished yesterday - lovely rosettes made from scraps and free samples (I don't waste a thing!) which I am using to decorate bags and for hair scrunchies. The bags can be used for pegs but I think they look good hanging on the back of a door - my mum uses one for her tights and I am going to put my 'ladies things' (our pet name for STs & Tampax) as my Ellie tends to poke around the bedside cupboard and re-arrange them for me - thankfully she hasn't asked what they are for yet!!


  1. Love the bags & rosettes!! I hate to waste scraps too. Have never seen your blog before, but i will definitely be back!!

    Have a lovely weekend : )

    Sharon xx

  2. Thanks Sharon - I have only just started and it's great to know that someone is visiting and enjoying my waffle!! Take care and come back soon. Debbie X