Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Sore Finger !!

Oh my poor pinkie!! Have finally finished another project - a Laura Ashley fabric patchwork quilt and I have hand sewn all the hexagons together - lost count of the number of times I have stabbed myself or attached myself to the thread and now have a very crusty middle finger to show for it. However I do feel that it was worth the effort and the finished article is now available at

I have been looking at many blogs of fellow crafty people and am gobsmacked at the number of beautiful pictures of all things vintage. So have now decided to dedicate this weekend to sorting out my clutter and begin putting together an organised work area in my box room. I currently work in the organised chaos way and must mend my ways.

Last year saw my first forays into local Craft Fairs - they were great fun and met some very nice people and obviously spent all that I made on buying other people's handmades. What a great way of recycling and supporting each other. I am so pleased to have been asked to take part in the Delapre Abbey event in Northampton at the end of April and must get my head around formulating a theme and new ideas. Easier said than done !!


  1. What a beautiful quilt - really a labour of love (and sore fingers!!)

  2. Thank you - I tried using a thimble but it just gets in the way - what I really need is one of those old fashioned rubber ones we used to use in the offices years ago when collating papers in fact I will just pop over to Ebay to see if I can find one!!!

  3. That is the most beautiful quilt!
    If you didnt get a rubber thimble, let me know Ive got one you can have!

  4. Good old Ebay - came up trumps again - a dozen thimbles on their way for the princely sum of £3.80. Thank you Michelle for your kind offer - hang onto it you never know when you may need it !!