Sunday, 1 February 2009

Sunshine, snowdrops and snow !!!!

Just when you thought it was safe to venture out here comes the Arctic weather again. Oh well batten down the hatches and back to the sofa - time today to complete yesterdays sewing project - a bright patchwork throw and cushion and to pick up on another incomplete one. I have a habit of starting something, getting a little bored and moving onto something else - they do all get finished eventually. I have just joined some fantastic Craft websites in order to sell my little creations and am now contemplating the next big step of starting my own website shop. I have been using Ebay but find that it is now getting harder to attain a reasonable price for anything - will have to blame the credit crunch again. I see myself as a domestic re-cycler - I use fabrics both old and new together with ribbons, buttons and trimmings reclaimed from old garments. It is most satisfying to complete a project and even more so when somebody likes it enough to part with some money. Perhaps we should all move to buying more hand made goods to help the economy at the bottom end and give the big boys a boot up the bum for their mass produced rubbish.

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