Thursday, 5 February 2009

One small step for womankind !!!

Praise be for the inclement weather - heavy snow overnight has ended in the usual chaos around these parts of darkest Bedfordshire. I am close to Luton Airport and everything just ground to a halt this morning. My darling midwife daughter had a 2.5 hour journey home from the hospital after a busy night shift - this journey should take 20 minutes. All of the small people I usually look after and take to school had a day at home with their parents due to school closure and chaos so I used this precious piece of me time to create a website of my very own. I have been using Ebay for years now but have been getting a little fed up with their increasing charges so have decided to take a new route via the good old interweb and local craft fairs. Please take a look at - the name is derived from the nickname of my midwife child Lala and of course the new life she helps bring into this strange old world.

I have had a pleasant evening with the sewing box once again and watched Victorian Farm - yes times were hard then but we could learn a lot from that time. Just watching Question Time now to remind myself of how much we have progressed !!! I think the best images of this week have been watching families finding time to spend together and having carefree fun in the snow - it is amazing how many people stopped to say good morning when I look my Molly for a walk to the park this morning - the challenge of getting through the past few days seem to bring the best out in some people. The worst in others - for example the idiots driving too fast having only cleaned a porthole in the windscreen with no lights on in thick fog whilst chatting on their mobile phone.


  1. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement - this is a big step for little old me. I wish the internet had been about when my brood where small - I always wanted to work from home and I have finally got my chance.