Saturday, 28 February 2009

The weekend starts here .....

Ended up with a double sleepover last night - Ellie got wind that Charlie was staying and just couldn't be left out - both were very good and slept all night but we were up at 7.30. Thankfully the parentals collected them both at 10.30 - they were all off shopping for my son's wedding in September - Ellie is bridesmaid and she was having a dress fitting and is growing her hair for the special occasion. She was a right baldy as a baby and still doesn't have very much - it grows so slowly and is very fine - not like mine which grows like a weed!

Anyhow, I dragged the old man off to Laura Ashley - he showed a little interest and was very helpful to the assistant who was pregnant and found it difficult to manouvre the rolls of fabric - I managed to get some more Abbeville and Gingham Check for my orders for Alphabet cushions. I was very good and wasn't tempted by anything else. We then went across the road to Dunelm where I purchased some wool - I have been very impressed by the crochet work of some of you bloggers and as I haven't used my crochet skills for years thought it was time to dust off the hooks and get going again. I can handle sewing needles and crochet hooks but find knitting strenuous on my wrists and thumb joints (and also I get bored because it takes so long for anything to take shape!). Purchased these books yesterday in a charity shop - my goodness they take me back - very seventies and I had to chuckle as I am sure I made some of the items back then. There are some nice timeless designs within them so I will pop them on the bookshelf for a later date. Also purchased in Dunelm was the box of braids and trims - all pretty pinks and half price at £2.49 - the felt came from Hobbycraft (half price again at £1.32 per pack). On a roses theme (my mum is a Rose, my nan was a Rose May, Ellie has Rose May as middle names) I found this lovely gift bag in Hobbycraft and also 3 pots of Bush Roses for the garden for a tenner in Homebase. All in all a good start and there is half the weekend to go yet. I must go now to get on with the alphabet cushions - the lady wants 8 and I am getting distracted by the rugby on TV that the old man is watching. Don't know what it is about those big burly ugly buggers - must be the tight shorts!

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