Thursday, 1 July 2010

First dresser top revamped

I've been MIA lately due to lappy problems .... my old faithful packed up and the new one I received last week has a dodgy charger which had to be sent back ... I am hoping the new one, which is due tomorrow, will get me going again.  I am babysitting at my daughter's at the mo so I'm availing myself of her notebook facilities ;-)

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about an old dresser top that I was going to paint here - well it's finished and is now hanging above my sewing table in the spare bedroom.  I must add however that it is not as tidy as this photo now  ..... the table is covered in fabric strings ready for blocking.

I have dusted down some of my nick nacks old and new and now can't wait to get started on my big dresser top downstairs.  The paint used was Laura Ashley egg shell in Linen.

I am hoping that my blue & white collection will stand out more on the Linen background rather than this orange pine colour.  It's a big job though as it is about 5' x  4' with a row of little drawers and I am going to paint in in situ because it is too damn heavy to take down and put up again!

Then this is next on the list!


  1. No stopping you now! Can't wait to see what your big dresser turns out like.

  2. Thanks for your comment. Loved the tale about your Dad's ghost sighting on the way home from the pub. My brother took my Dad to the Social Club to watch the World Cup. He'd had a "few" pints and couldn't remember the second half of the Match at all the next day. Bless'em! SueXXX

  3. A great job - your blue china will look good on the pale paintwork too.

  4. Love that colour. Absolutely LOVE it. Blue and white will be set off beautifully by it.

  5. The dresser looks lovely! We inherited a dresser and two large bookcases when we moved and wanted to paint them, but it was too big a job with all the unpacking, so I do hope we find the time sometime in the future to do it as I do prefer a painted pastel shade to orangey wood!

    Hope your new laptop is set us and workin properly soon xx

  6. It looks great, I love the colour.