Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A new experience and more Car Boot Loot

I haven't been to the mid week car boot for ages and I'd mentioned to the small boy that I look after that we may go today.  He has been nagging me and his parents ever since and arrived yesterday with some change that he had scrounged at the weekend ..... bless him.  I couldn't disappoint him could I?  So off we went after the school run this morning with him clutching his little man purse.

As a childminder I constantly have to replace and update my equipment & toys and I just couldn't do it without good old car boot sales and charity shops.  I find that I can buy loads, use them for a while, donate them back to the charity shop or sell at a car boot and then start all over again.  Recycling at it's very best.  The small boy must think the boot sale is some magical place because whenever he spots something new to play with and asks where I got it from of course the answer is the car boot!  He wanted some lego but there was none to be had today but he did find a new Arsenal pencil set in a lovely case which included coloured pencils, notepad, sharpener and rubber and a little Arsenal football kit to hang in the car ..... impressed his dad who is an ardent Gunners fan and when we told him we had only spent £1.30 he remarked that we needed to teach the small boy's mum how to shop!

It was a lovely experience for both of us.  He learnt how to look closely for things he likes, to talk to the stall holders and ask how much money was needed, to pay himself from his own money and receive change too ... one more step on the road to independence for an almost 5 year old.  It may seem strange to some that a childminder takes children to a car boot sale but what better way to develop socialisation & numeracy skills.

Of course I didn't come away empty handed and here is my loot

A metre of retro nursery fabric and some Anchor embroidery yarns

4 metres of gorgeous nursery binding

Wedgwood 'Barlaston Rose' Dinner Service ... I haven't
 picked up such a lovely set in years

and here are some bits from the weekend

a dolly deck chair to re-cover

A sewing box which I think needs a shabby chic make-over with LA paint and some pretty floral fabric on the top


  1. Some good finds again Lala! I picked up a few bargains myself today - but in the clothing line ;-) It's amazing what you can find sometimes - clothes that are brand new still with their labels for a couple of pounds. Had a rotten headache the rest of the day so think I'll be having an early night.

    Oh and has to only one corner?...Of course not! ;-)

  2. What a great outing for the little man. I totally agree with you that it is a great opportunity for learning. Dead jealous of you getting the threads and LOVE the mini deckchair!

  3. Lovely finds there - a mid week car boot is the icing on the cake!

  4. There's a little dolly's/teddy's deckchair on ebay at the moment, £40 buy it now!!!


  5. Hey Debbie!!
    Well Firstly thanks for following!! And Have we met?? We seem to frequent the same places and live in the same town!!!! I supply stock to the watermill antiques and have a strong affiliation with it and also Fantasy crafts too so I'm sure we have bumped into each other somewhere along the line!!!
    You got some great bargains there!! Is the Tuesday carboot busy then? I havnt been for ages but need to go soon!
    Well I am now following your blog and fb fna page so I dont miss out xx
    Have you entered the giveaway yet??
    Hope to bump into you one day soon xx
    Annie x

  6. Haven't been to a midweek boot sale for years. You got some nice items from there and the doll deckchair I've seen making a fair bit on ebay.

  7. I love the sewing box, can't wait to see it after it's had it's makeover.

  8. Found you via Stitching in the Kitchen, thought I would pop in and have a look-see, and glad I did. I never find anything at car boots or in charity shops, so am always envious and gob-smacked looking at blog posts with pictures of fab things people have picked up. Love the sewing box, and can definitely see that with a good makeover... great to give something useful a new lease of life into something still useful but more beautiful.

  9. You certainly have an eye for a good bargain, I must pop over to the carboot at the Watermill myself. I was there on Sunday at the quilt shop. There is nothing better in my opinion than than taking children out to experience everyday life and if uou decide to share your bargain hunting skills, we may all join up for lessons!

  10. What gorgeous bits you manage to find at the Car boot sales! Glad to see the little boy is a gooners fan - we are too!!! by the way, I'm not sure if I thanked you for the beautiful 'ELLIE' letter cushions you made for my daughter but she loves them. XX