Sunday, 25 July 2010

I'm going to tell you a story ......

Well I have made an amazing discovery in this wonderful world that is blogland!

Some of you will recognise my avatar as a beautiful study of a baby by Lilian Rowles.  I have had some of these prints for around 20 years and fell in love with them the minute I saw them.  When I decided upon the name of Lalabibaby they seemed the obvious choice for an avatar.  The name Lalabibaby is a take on lullaby mixed with the name that the children call my midwife daughter.  Whe she was a student midwife she worked at the nursery that they went to before they started school and became my after school club.  At the nursery they had to call the staff Miss or Mrs and they found it extremely difficult to stop addressing her so formally so we said call her Miss Lala and from then on it has stuck.

Anyhow, I digress (that's what happens with a meno brain!), yesterday I received a visit from a fellow blogger who had a wonderful story to tell .... I will say no more but please do take a visit to this lovely blog where all will become clear.

Isn't blogland a wonderful place .... I feel totally enriched by meeting such lovely people and in a way it is a modern day version of our old penpal letters only this time it is instantaneous and in full technicolour.

Thank you Julie xx


  1. Debbie,
    I am so glad you know a little more about your pictures....after 20 years! Understandably, I always have a little chuckle when I see these pictures in Antique Shops/Fairs.
    Blogland is indeed a great place for discovering new things and places, you never know what you will find...Thank you once again for writing such a lovely post.
    Best wishes,
    Julie x

  2. I have just had a look at the link on your blog. What a wonderful story!! We now know who that cute little baby is!! She was certainly a talented artist, those pics are gorgeous!!
    We have found out that the next V & H fair is on Saturday 23rd October, at the same venue. I will post more details when Ann & Debbie the organisers print a poster. Would be great to see you.
    Have a great week : )

    Sharon xx

  3. What a wonderful tale. I clicked on the link and went over there to read it all. I agree with you re this whole blogland thing. It is so very enriching.

  4. I clicked the link and had a look - what enchanting illustrations, I loved them all. If only children's books were like that now instead of dreadful stuff like that Horrid Henry series which just teaches children that being nasty and bad is amusing.

  5. Oh wow Debbie that was great!! Those Illustrations are just gorgeous! Hope you had a great weekend!! Might pop to the carboot on Tuesday with my lil man if its nice weather xx
    hope to bump into you xx
    Annie x

  6. How brilliant! What an amazing discovery. xxx

  7. A lovely story. You are right, blogland is a wonderful place and to think I only discovered it about 9 months ago, but then again, I was always a late starter, lol!