Saturday, 24 July 2010

Going potty for jam & strawberry fields forever .....

Well the school summer holidays are here ..... how are you coping so far ladies ????

We took the small boy to the local PYO this week and managed to fill a punnet with the last of their strawberries ... they do have some more late ones under polytunnels but they weren't quite ready.  It was so peaceful wandering around the strawberry field in the warm sunshine with the small boy getting so excited everytime he found a juicy fruit.  We came home and after eating some we made some jam supplies for the hols ..... I don't know about you but I just love a jam butty and we usually have jam on toast once all the minded children have arrived on a morning.  They were all very impressed and took a little jar home with them.  I have some redcurrants and goosegogs to harvest in the garden so that will be a little job for them next week .... slave driver aren't I ?

Can't you just smell them .... mmmmmmmmm

Today has been just perfect ... dry and warm enough without being sticky and I've been to a new craft market in a beautiful little village in Hertfordshire, about half an hours drive away.  The atmosphere was great and I met some lovely friendly people and also sold some bits which was a bonus!  I've come away with some orders too and invites to some more markets later in the year so all in all a very successful day.

For any of you crafters out there who make and sell bunting how about this for a fantastic way of displaying it

It was a long wooden pole with a hook in the top which was attached to the table  .... the bunting cascaded down and was secured onto the cloth which covered the table .... so simple but so effective don't you agree?

I must get my head round our activities with the children next week and finalise some menus and DD2 is nagging for me to do some wallpapering at her house tomorrow in time for baby Jack's first birthday party on Wednesday .... where did that year go???

He loves playing peekaboo round the laptop

and driving the car !


  1. Just found your blog via Ticking might like to read a previous post I did about the baby picture you use for lalabibaby....
    Best wishes,
    Julie x

  2. I used the last of my jam yesteday and while washing out the jar to stash with other empty jars realised I had far too many. So being inspired by your pictures Im off to the local boot this morning (where a few local small holders sell their wares) in the hope of buying some strawberries to make some conserve.

  3. Haven't been strawberry picking for years, really must take the kids, they'd love it!
    Confession time.............. I've never made jam, something else I really must do!

    B xxx

  4. Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my Lillian Rowles post....I have passed your kind words on to my Mum....who, says she feels a little embarrassed with all the attention!
    I will have to start calling her Lala now....
    Keep using the picture, not a problem!
    Julie x

  5. The thought of that strawberry jam is making my mouth water. Little Jack is gorgeous, hope he has a fantastic birthday.

  6. Please will you mind me too??!!
    Jill 4 Jack

  7. Oh he's a cutie.... and I agree about the bunting, one of those ideas you think you should have had it's so simple. And congrats on the craft market, it all looks lovely on your stall.

  8. How lovely to go fruit picking with your charge! Love the bunting display idea. Congrats on your successes. :O)