Sunday, 11 July 2010

Phew what a scorcher

I thought I may have spontaneously combusted in the night (hot flushes + high humidity aghhhh!) but managed to sleep and arose this morning to a grey sky and light wind.  I took the opportunity to walk the dogs at 7 am while it was cool and it actually started to drizzle as we left the fields but an hour later the skies had cleared and the sun came out.

The girls and I decided to drive over to Hitchin to have a look at the car boots and also a Vintage Fashion & Accessory Fair that was being held in the Old Town Hall.   The hall was filling up with visitors when we arrived at 10.30 and there were rails of vintage clothes everywhere and lovely 60s music playing to add to the atmosphere.  I just hope that our Craft Fair next weekend attracts as many visitors.

The car boot today was very disappointing ... don't you just hate it when you see the same sellers with the same old tut week after week but yesterday was a little more successful. 
a pair of very colourful curtains made with Harlequin fabric
some more embroidered linens to add to my collection

A blue & white transferware soup dish to add to my collection ... this one dates to around 1860 and is by the Glasgow pottery of J M P Bell .... the scene is of Crystal Palace in London and it has some other buildings in cartouches around the rim which I am going to try and identify.

a pretty little sugar shaker with hand painted flowers which is a souvenir piece from St Anton in Austria

A Victorian cookery & housekeeping book dating to circa 1870 ... I just love looking through these old books for recipes and remedies and the terminology is just hilarious.

Total spend this weekend was £11.00

I am always on the lookout for ways of displaying my bits & bobs at craft fairs and thought I would take a chance on a pine effect shelf unit that I spotted on Ebay .. it was only a few miles away and I was lucky to get it for the grand total of £1.20.  So this afternoon I have been playing around with my cushions and I'm very pleased with the result

No more bootying for a few weeks now because I have three craft markets and two special birthdays coming up ...... this little man has his first birthday on the 28th ... he's walking now so he keeps us on our toes .... and his sister is six on Friday

and that's my baby on the left !

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend ... only two more weeks to the summer holidays x


  1. What a lovely photo of your baby and her little ones ... and isn't it amazing how much they grow in their first year? I've had my 1 week grandson to visit with Mum and Dad this evening... GREAT!

  2. So many lovely photographs, enviable bargains especially the cookery book and such a lovely photo of your family - the baby is pure model material! xx

  3. When you are next out 'booting' I hope you keep your eyes open for a Captain Warren's Bachelor's Frying Pan.

  4. Loving that cookery book! The illustrations look fabulous. The shelf unit is ideal for your fayres too. Can sympathise with the hot flushes and feeling like self combusting. I have had the mother of all sore throats and high temperatures on top!

    A little drizzle here this morning.......... thank goodness. Have a great time with little people's birthdays. :O)

  5. Wonderful cook book and I do like the blue and white transfer plate! It has been soo hot hasn't it - I wake dripping during the night - not pleasant at all!

  6. Fantastic finds, again. I collect old cookery books too. I love all the old adverts that they have in them.

  7. Wow what good finds and all for £11. That was a real bargain day! I love the sugar shaker :0)

  8. Nice car boot buys. I also love cookery books and use an old book that was issued with a new cooker in 1930. It has lots of menu's which I often looked to for inspiration when I was first married. Glad it's not just me having the hot sweats, I thought it was an age thing!!

  9. You really found some treasures there. Love the cookery book and the little suger shaker.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. We are going to continue with our 'variety parcels' from now on. Much more appealing than something purchased from the High street.
    Beautiful photo of your family.