Saturday, 17 July 2010

Life's Ups & Downs

Have you ever wanted to wave a magic wand to make someone's pain go away??

That's just how I felt last night when I had a visit from a young friend of DS1 whose 20 month old daughter has just had major surgery to remove a tumour from her little tummy.  Brave B has lost a kidney and a small portion of bowel and now has to undergo weeks of intensive chemotherapy but she is one amazing little girl.  As I sat with her dad last night listening to the events of the past few weeks and looking at photos of her pre and post op I was overwhelmed and found it very difficult to sleep last night.  She had 6 pints of fluid drained and a 6lb tumour was removed .... that's the average weight of a new born baby and just doesn't bear thinking about ..... the chemo will also result in her not being able to have children of her own but there she was a week after the op smiling and riding around the hospital playroom in a Little Tikes cosy coupe car.  She is a little fighter and an inspiration and her dad is hoping to start fundraising soon for Cancer Research and the marvellous ward that has looked after her at Addenbrooks and I'll report more on that at a later date.

On to another little lady now who had a lovely birthday yesterday with lots of pressies, visitors and a tea party at nanny's house

This is the card I got for her at the Berkhamsted craft fair last month .... the lady who makes them was sitting knitting these tiny little people and they are so cute ... she doesn't have a website but I do have her e-mail address if anyone is interested.
The noise in the house was too much for  Binks who retired to the garden for some recreation and a nap!


  1. So sad to hear of the struggles some of these young children have to go through...just doesn't seem fair does it? No wonder you had trouble getting to sleep.

    Looks like your little Princess had a lovely birthday - the card is very cute!

  2. Oh Lala ... that poor little girl ... do keep us updated.

    As for the magic wand ... last night I wished for one ... my mum has had one illness after another this year and was in tears on the phone yesterday. Today she was brighter but still struggling with the asthma.

    Then I saw photos of my dear little grandson and the ups and downs of life seemed very pronounced.

    Happy belated birthday to your lovely young lady. xxx

  3. So sad here reading of the little baby, we take everything for granted don't we. I can't begin to imagine how they are feeling or how they are feeling, also how many other family members it affects. xxxxx

  4. I forgot to wish the birthday girl happy birthday, my little baby of 28 loved her picnic stuff and I mean loved it! I couldn't believe her enthusiasm, bless her, she made my day xxx

  5. Debbie, I hope the little one continues to recover.

    Glad your little lady had a wonderful time with you.

  6. Hope the little one keeps doing well, puts lifes little niggles into perspective doesn't it. Glad your little one had a great birthday.

  7. Oh my heart goes out to this little one its even worsre when its chilldren i will say a prayer for her tonight god bless you all hugs Pat