Thursday, 15 July 2010

Getting ready for a special day

Tomorrow is doubly special because it is Princess Ellie Rose's 6th birthday (how did that happen???) ... one minute I was just a mum and now I am a nan to three soon to be four!  and also number one son comes home for a couple of weeks.

I finished Ellie's birthday quilt just in time this morning and almost forgot that I had bought her a lovely book at the St Albans craft fair a couple of weeks ago.  If you get a chance pop along to this website .... the author was at St Albans himself and has signed it especially for Ellie.  He writes and illustrates them and they are beautiful.

Here is the finished quilt ... I had originally intended to do a girly pink one but once I had seen the Snow White panel I decided to surround it in rainbow colours and it is backed in red cotton.

I also came across a website via another blog (sorry I have forgotten which one) where photo mosaics can be made and here is my first attempt ... taken in the garden before the rainstorms this week.


  1. Aah the magic of being six. What a lovely quilt, happy birthday Ellie Rose.

  2. Oh that quilt turned out a treat - I bet the birthday Princess will be thrilled with it.

  3. Happy Birthday to Ellie Rose, I'm sure she'll love her beautiful quilt, and treasure it forever!!!
    Lovely photo mosaic, the weather is supposed to be better at the weekend!

    Sharon xx

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment - glad I`ve got a `Nana-in-Arms` to trade stories with! What a lovely blog you have too and the Snow White Quilt is a beautiful birthday gift. I`m trying to steer away from `girly pink` too but can`t help myself sometimes - just such a lovely change from `boyish-blue`!

  5. Happy birthday Ellie, the quilt is lovely she is a very lucky little girl to have a nana like you.

    Hugs Pat

  6. That quilt is a six year old's dream.... well done for getting it done on time.

    Great collage...... It is bucketing down as I type, here's hoping the plants all survive!

  7. Hope the birthday girl has a great day, I'm sure she will love her quilt. The mosaic is great by the way.