Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sunday catch-up

I was awake so early this morning .... why is it that when I can have a lie-in (8 o'clock would be a lie-in for me!) I just cannot sleep or settle???  So up at six and after a caffiene fix I decided whilst it was quiet I would update my Lalabibaby website .... it's such a long old job and if I get interrupted I get very grumpy!

I even managed to say no to DD2 who rang to ask if I would go round and help her wallpaper ..... I just need today to catch up a bit as there are only four more days of school left and after that housework will just have to go out of the window as I have a house full of small people every week except the first week of August.

Been fiddling round putting my photos in order on the new lappy and backing them up and played with the photo mosaics too

My Quilts

Upcycled Cushions

Patchwork & Crochet Cushions


  1. Love the photo mosaics, do you have a special programme? xx

  2. The mosaics look good, they are quite fun to do aren't they?! Lots of delightful makes there - hope they sell well for you.

  3. You certainly make some lovely things, Debbie!
    Love those mosaics!!

    Sharon xx