Thursday, 6 January 2011

How does your garden grow ?????

Back in November I started on another quilt completely using reclaimed/scrap materials ..... some cream cotton curtain lining and curtain fabric samples acquired from my local scrapstore and from a gorgeous fellow blogger Bloomin' Myrtle.  Even the threads used are from my stash of vintage threads ..... how eco-friendly is that????

I found a lovely book in a charity shop and scoured it for ideas ..... I never stick completely to a pattern or instructions (it's the non-confirmist in me!) and tend to choose a basic idea and let it evolve from there. 

I chose Granny's Flower Garden

It's a lovely easy one consisting of small hexagons sewn in in a flower shape and appliqued onto a backing square.   I have used some more of the curtain fabric samples to make larger hexagons for the border and binding.

So this ....

now looks like this ......

My first completed project in 2011!


  1. Hello
    Its lovely, I especially like the border.
    Lucky find, that book in a charity shop!
    Whats next?

  2. Well done!!! It looks great. xxx

  3. Love the look - simple and uncontrived, just my cup of tea.

    I have some classic patchwork books (Jinny Beyer) I bought over 20years ago, when I get the inspiration and energy, Ill photograph them and put them up on the blog.


  4. How lovely and recycled too! Well done for completing a project already !
    Thank you for popping by with sweet comments!
    Rachel x

  5. Yikes! You don't mess around do you? Well done, it looks fabulous. Lovely new Header too

  6. Well done, it looks lovely and finished so quickly!

  7. Love your photo header Linda :)