Sunday, 9 January 2011

Who pinched the weekend?????

Where has the time gone to again??

Why do the week days drag and Saturday/Sunday fly by in a flash???

I started my weekend on Friday evening with a rare night out.  Firstly a dinner at the local Indian restaurant which was absolutely delicious with my daughter, sister, mum and nephew.  It was a wonder we ever got up from the table with our full bellies and made it into town to the cinema.  We were off to see this lovely specimen

Colin Firth in The King's Speech .... a wonderful film beautifully acted by himself, Helena Bonham-Carter and Geoffrey Rush.   The story was both sad and humourous and it was lovely to take in the period detail and also have a brief history lesson.  If you are thinking about going to see it I strongly recommend that you do .... you won't be disappointed.

Had a lovely lie-in till 9.00 am yesterday (which is very late for me) and then toddled off to the Watermill to purchase some yarn for the next project.  Why is it that I have a cupboard full of yarn but can't quite find the right colours when I need them!  My nephew is 21 in a couple of weeks and the daft big kid wants a jumper with Wallace and Gromit on it like he did when he was little .... well if that's what he wants I'd better get cracking.  Sadly the little wool shop is to close next month and I shall miss it along with the quilting shop that went last year.  I am hoping that something else crafty will move in because I am fast losing my excuses to visit there.

I'm hoping to make this my project for the 2011 monthly challenge.

Today has been spent loading some of my clutter  collections onto Ebay ..... it takes sooooooo long to do but all done now   I have listed Art Deco glass, vintage books and toys and here is a link to one of the items under my Ebay ID lalabi-baby in case anyone is interested.

Feet up time now and had better get those knitting needles going while I am watching the new Larkrise to Candleford.

Thanks for the lovely comments about my new header .... I spent some time last year sorting through my mum's photo box and scanned a load.  This is me with my mum and dad.



  1. Thanks for your birthday wishes to me. Sadly Robbie Williams has not yet admitted to himself that he is desperately in love with me (ha!).

    My birthday treat was a trip to the cinema (first in yonks!) and I too saw "The King's Speech".......... what a film! Cannot rate it too highly.

  2. Cant wait to see the Kings Peech - I am always in love with Colin Firth. Your new header is lovely. xxx

  3. Love the new header. The King's Speech sounds wonderful - perhaps I can go to the cinema in the theatre...