Sunday, 30 January 2011

The penultimate day of January 2011

Where did January go???  I can't say I will be sorry to see the back end of it as it must be my least favourite month of the year. 

I have booked my first fairs of the year and will be at Potten End Village Hall on Saturday 12th March for a Craft Fair and the following weekend I will be at the 4th Northampton Vintage Fair which is a lovely mix of vintage goodies and handmade items.  This has meant a flurry of activity in the sewing room with two new patchwork quilts on the go ..... one is a hand sewn Granny's Flower Garden hexagon quilt which I am doing in the evenings in front of the goggle box and the other is a Spider's Web courtesy of Marit over at Quilt It which is being machine sewn during my child free moments.  Here are the first five blocks ...

doesn't it make the most wonderful kaleidoscope effect

and better late than never I recently received this award from Linda over at Tabbyroo

So now I need to:

1.  Thank and link back to the person who awarded you.

2.  Share 7 things about yourself

3.  Award 15 bloggers

4.  Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

Well number one is done and here goes on the seven things about me (not very interesting I am afraid)

1.  I cannot swim .... as much as I would love to be able to I am just petrified of large expanses of water which maybe down to my fire sign of Aries (and yes I am rather a ram at times) and the fact that I was taken to the local swimming baths aged about 8 yrs by an older girl who lived opposite us.  Her idea of teaching us to swim was to take us to the deep end and leave us !

2.  I have never had a bedroom all to myself (get the violins out!)  ..... during my life I have shared with my parents, siblings and then my husband

3.  I met my husband at High School and we started going out on 10th December 1973 .... the decade that taste forgot ;-)

4.  I hate men with long hair especially the ones with ponytails and nothing on top!

5.  I have been a jack of all trades and master of none since I left school working in  manufacturing, travel agency, estate agency, retail, leisure, publishing and childcare with a spell in the 80s when I went back to college to get an Access qualification so that I could do a degree course.  I completed 2 years of the degree course but then financial pressures meant I had to give it up to return to work.

6.  My dream would be to have a small period house with room for lots of animals and children with a sewing room overlooking our wonderful English countryside or the sea (not too close though bearing in mind No. 1  !)

7.  My nan taught me to knit, my sister in law helped me to get to grips with crochet and the only sewing tuition I have had was at school ..... everything else has been self taught along the way.

I am going to cheat now and offer this award to all of my lovely readers and leave it up to you whether you post or not.

Don't forget the blogiversary giveaway is to be drawn tomorrow evening .... there is still time to enter here


  1. Can't say I'll miss January either, except to say I feel like I have wasted, or lost a month somewhere! Oh the plans I had...

    Great to hear you are doing some more craft shows. Happy sewing, not long to get your stock ready really.

  2. How uncany jack of all trades is in my blog today and about being self taught we must be kindred spirits. I love your quilt blcks they are stunning.

    Have a good week hugs Pat.

  3. Love the spider web quilt, I keep seeing this on blogs maybe I'll have a go once I've finished the one I'm working on!

    I do like men with long hair, but def not the balding ones!!


  4. Gosh but you are motoring along with your quilting.... LOVE the kaledoscope effect. Your sense of colour and pattern shines through in your work. I grinned when I read about being Jack of all trades........ I know the feeling having done all sorts of jobs in my life. :O)

  5. Can't wait to be rid of January either. I've just started a spider's web quilt too, but it'll take a long time to get finished as time is short at the moment.

  6. Love this post - I think jack of all trades is an admirable profession - we can get very obsessed with careers and qualifications, you, like most of us, have had to tailor our lives to fit our circumstances plus you have found an opportunity to follow your creative talents too.